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Zwischenzeit e.V.

Land hunger in Zambia

Who is profiting from German agricultural investments?

The appropriation of land through purchase, lease and deprivation is threatening the livelihood and local food supply in many regions throughout the world.
In Zambia, the capitalization of agriculture has become a considerable impetus for the regional expansion of agricultural corporations. Some of these conglomerates control the entire value chain by taking over farms, processing plants and points of sale. Some of the financing for such large-scale projects originates in Germany: Among the investors are the German Investment Corporation (DEG), the Credit Institute for Reconstruction (KfW), Deutsche Bank as well as the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Officially, the funds are supposed to support the fight against hunger. However, human rights organizations are denouncing the expected financial returns as well as the social, ecological and economic consequences.
Two-thirds of the country’s population lives below the poverty line while the products of the documented companies Agrivision, Zambeef and Amatheon are primarily sold to the middle and upper class and used for export. It is small farmers in particular who are suffering from this neo-colonial agricultural model, losing arable land which is traditionally transferred while becoming the subject of resettlement and displacement measures. These farmers are calling for the end of private and public financing and, most of all, are demanding secure land rights and the expansion of local means of distribution.

Camera, animation & editing: Heiko Thiele
Sound: Fabian Lickes, Michael Scheunemann
Narrator: Victor Pavel
Production: Zwischenzeit e.V.

HD, 26 Min., Sambia 10/2018



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